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Cosmic Marewareness :iconcptlfrghtr:cptlfrghtr 1 2
Unfinished Fallout: Equestria side story
Equestria seems to still be in the throes of a great literary revival, with the new edition of The Book of LittlePip having come out and all.  Not that time has diminished the popularity of the Stable Dweller, the Security Mare, or Argyle Stockings (and her stalwart ghoul mareservant Xyra) that I've ever been able to notice.  It seems only a natural step that once ponies have to focus less on survival they begin to once again create on a rather grand scale.  Hundreds of memoirs have been published, or found, or recorded since the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows to someday serve as a testament to ponykind's ability to outlast its (so far) best attempts at self destruction.  Now, as a pony that reads a lot trust me when I say this is largely for the better.  Also trust me to say as the author that you're reading this is probably going damage the value of that opinion substantially.
My reasons for writing this story are not nearly on par with
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Experiment Description, Stable 76
I have, for many years, doubted that the Stables were truly intended to save anyone.  The fact that any of us survived down there seems like more of a mistake then anything really.  Stable-Tec knew that they couldn't get everypony to safety and apparently decided to make all of us their little playthings; Stable 44's mood alterations, Stable 99's population control, Stable 69's chem overdoses, or Stable 77's poor colt and a box of puppets.  Of course there were a few normal Stables, what good is an experiment without a control group?  My own birthplace belonged in the former group.  
Stable 76 was one of the company's delightful social experiments, particularly in methods of government.  In this case, their apparent desire was to see how ponies adapted to what they called a 'representative democracy' rather than the old diarchy or the Ministries.  Our original overmare was, naturally, appointed by Stable-Tec. 
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Squadron Patches by cptlfrghtr Squadron Patches :iconcptlfrghtr:cptlfrghtr 0 0 Newest ID by cptlfrghtr Newest ID :iconcptlfrghtr:cptlfrghtr 0 6
The Emperor has appeared
Neske De Keizer
Age: 21
Gender: F
Occupation: Unemployed
Height: 5'6"
Hometown: Violet City
Neske is by nature a retiring, solitary person.  Between her childhood and subsequent experiences she's found the company of Pokemon far more comforting then that of people, despite the attractions of the city.  As an extension of this she converses extensively with her pokemon constantly while alone.  That said she isn't exactly antisocial or a weak willed person, if she actually enters a conversation other participants  will quickly discover she's quite spirited when not puffing on a cigarette, starring absently into space, or discussing methods of power generation with her Mareep Ellen.  Neske's fairly well traveled, at least in the Johto and Kanto regions, for work as much as pleasure and sometimes puts out an aura of world weariness.  She's never shown much interest in a romantic relationship as far as anyone can tell,
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50 Mission Crush by cptlfrghtr 50 Mission Crush :iconcptlfrghtr:cptlfrghtr 0 4 RAuxAF Vampire Squadrons by cptlfrghtr RAuxAF Vampire Squadrons :iconcptlfrghtr:cptlfrghtr 1 0
North to Orussia
Wind driven snow and ice plinked against thick glass behind the blackout curtain covering the porthole.  There was nothing to see out there except the sea, she knew that well.  In the depths of an Arctic winter it was difficult even to see as far as the convoy's nearest ship.  That's why no one ever bothered to do away with the dubiously valuable curtains; had they been cruising the waters of a more pleasant sea... There was no light in her room either adding to the redundancy of the heavy curtains.  Laying on one of the small cabin's bunks Tacita let the heavy rolling of the Empire Bay swing her vision from spot to spot on the black ceiling.  At any second the alarm could sound calling her away to action no matter how sincerely she wished for better weather for battle.
Three days before Convoy PQ-11 had been ordered dispersed by the commander of her Royal Navy escort to avoid the probing Neuroi.  While they lacked stay
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What's for Dinner? Pt. 6 by cptlfrghtr What's for Dinner? Pt. 6 :iconcptlfrghtr:cptlfrghtr 1 2 What's for Dinner?, Pt. 5 by cptlfrghtr What's for Dinner?, Pt. 5 :iconcptlfrghtr:cptlfrghtr 0 10 What's for Dinner, Pt. 4 by cptlfrghtr What's for Dinner, Pt. 4 :iconcptlfrghtr:cptlfrghtr 1 10 What's for Dinner, Pt. 3 by cptlfrghtr What's for Dinner, Pt. 3 :iconcptlfrghtr:cptlfrghtr 1 13 What's for Dinner, Pt. 2 by cptlfrghtr What's for Dinner, Pt. 2 :iconcptlfrghtr:cptlfrghtr 1 5 What's For Dinner, Pt. 1 by cptlfrghtr What's For Dinner, Pt. 1 :iconcptlfrghtr:cptlfrghtr 1 4
Battle of Bloomington OOB
Midwestern Confederacy Army: Brigadier General SCOPE, MCM
1st Infantry Brigade: Colonel CDC KRONOS, MCM
-1st Control Data Regiment: Lt. Colonel MACE, MCV
-2nd Control Data Regiment: Lt. Colonel MALET, MCM
-Oregon Artillery Battery: Captain OS3, MCV
2nd Infantry Brigade (not arrived)
-Alberta Infantry Battalion
-1st North West Battalion
-2nd North West (Simon Fraser) Battalion
3rd Infantry Brigade: Colonel MTS, MCM
-1st Michigan Terminal Regiment: Lt. Colonel Micro DBMS, MCV
-Control Data Volunteer Regiment: Major John E. Higgins, MCV
-Wayne's Rifle Battalion
Mainframe Volunteer Battalion (2nd Infantry Brigade {det})
DEC Field Forces
1st Brigade: BGen. TSS-8
-1st Regiment: Col. RT 11
-2nd Regiment: Col. DOS-11
-12th Extra Battalion
-12th Recon Company
2nd Brigade: BGen. RSTS/E
-3rd Regiment
-4th Regiment
-34th Extra Battalion
:iconcptlfrghtr:cptlfrghtr 0 4


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